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is located along the northern shore of Lake Superior, west from Sudbury/North Bay. Most news and information stops at North Bay, but there is another 1000 km of Ontario to the Manitoba border.

This website is now under renewal. Northern gardening as well as a new section on wild edibles – foraging and bushcraft will be the focus.

Hunting and fishing information and articles will be moving to If you are looking for hunt/fish infor for northwestern ontario try NWOUTDOORS.CA, Ive added alot of resources including maps, guides and species information there.

Its Gardening Season!

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Yellow Beans Harvest

Yellow bean harvest at 6.5 pounds with pretty much zero effort or maintenance. Who says gardening is hard. Northwest Ontario beans....


Northwest Ontario Outdoors is a digital magazine produced four times a year. It contains articles and information on the great outdoors activities in NW Ontario. The Magazine content is derived from this and other outdoors related websites.

Feel free to read, magazine is free access or linked directly below.

Individual articles from magazines and other sources are also posted directly at Top of Lake Superior News, which is yet another site I run.

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Other news...

Excel -ing at garden planning

Excel as a garden planner? For those who utilize square foot gardening of any sort, excel can become an essential and easy tool to design, manage and track your garden. Square foot gardening is divided into equal squares, excel is a bunch of squares. Excel allows all...

Pie Pumpkins

Storing sugar/pie Pumpkins Sugar or Pie pumpkins are small sweet varieties of pumpkins meant specifically for eating and well, pies. These pumpkins will keep quite good for a few months in a dry cool place in your basement, however what if you want them ready to use?...

Gardening in Northwest Ontario

Most of NW Ontario is considered growing hardiness zone 2a or 1b meaning we don’t have a great growing season here, however it is possible to grow a number of vegetables throughout the area. For starters , the growing season is only between80 and 105 days around these...

Deer, bears and cool weather – Garden update August 2014

With a late start and cool weather here, we've only had a couple 30+ degree days, the gardens are slowly coming along. Of course despite the cool weather, the cool weather plants still bolt as soon as the sun shines. I am betting on a late fall as well as everything...

2016 Garden Updates

Yellow Beans Harvest

Yellow bean harvest at 6.5 pounds with pretty much zero effort or maintenance. Who says gardening is hard. Northwest Ontario beans....

May 21st, 22nd – Lots planted this weekend

Last frost date is June 7th officially, after some cold weather and even snow the last couple weeks the weather looks to have turned. So planting a little early - of course only more cold resistant crops. A full box (4' x 8') of beets for pickling, A 2'x8' box of...

Garden activity – May 4, 2016

Gardening starts. Planted a two foot by eight foot box with half Pak Choi and half Swiss Chard. Last Frost scheduled for June 7th however both those plants are cold lovers so unless it gets really cold they should be fine. Pak Choi with its short growing time of 30-40...


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