Blueberry Delight

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Northern Ontario…..

is located along the northern shore of Lake Superior, west from Sudbury/North Bay. Most news and information stops at North Bay, but there is another 1000 km of Ontario to the Manitoba border.

New Publication!

Now available – a definitive guide to touring and exploring the Nipigon and surrounding areas here in NW Ontario – quite literally my back yard.

Trip information, recommendations and suggestions, history, fishing advice, geology and more in one 56 page guidebook.

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Free digital download available as well.

Blueberries 2018

Blueberry picking season is underway in the southern range of the NW. Berries are showing up for sale on local message boards in Thunderbay and Dorion areas. Nipigon berries will likely be early this season and starting very soon.

Berries as a whole seem large and full that I have experienced so the season looks to be a good one. A little more rain here and there should make for a spectacular season.

There also seems to be a great overlap with the Saskatoon berries coming up ripe coinciding with the blueberries so keep your eyes out for some extra berries. Of course raspberries and blueberries go hand in hand, but raspberries aren’t my berry :-).

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Regional Travelers Map


Other news...


Simplified Planting Dates – No you are not to late.

Its Planting time - seeds and maybe even some transplants. Our 100 day or so growing season starts here next week with a last frost date of around June 1 to 7th (I am saying June 1 looking at the forecasts). So what can you plant? Well pretty much anything with a days...

Spring emerging….

Some perennials are now poking through the soil, time to start planting a few things as well. Asparagus is one of the first vegetables to sprout - should be in full form next week. Chives are very hardy and are usually up quickly in the spring. You have to...

Signs of Life

After an elongated winter which saw ice fishing until this week, we are now into Spring, no ramping up of temperatures, just BOOM, springs here. Still frost in the ground, around 2 feet down now and loosing quickly. Obviously enough for some rhubarb - yes I take care...

Beet Harvest

Harvest of some beets here, almost October and no frosts yet but some giant beets. Noticed alot of Kohlrabi near ready for picking and well, tons of Swiss Chard. Not bad for a garden planted almost a month late. Filled a large pot to start the process of pickling...

2016 Garden Updates

Yellow Beans Harvest

Yellow bean harvest at 6.5 pounds with pretty much zero effort or maintenance. Who says gardening is hard. Northwest Ontario beans….

May 21st, 22nd – Lots planted this weekend

Last frost date is June 7th officially, after some cold weather and even snow the last couple weeks the weather looks to have turned. So planting a little early - of course only more cold resistant crops. A full box (4' x 8') of beets for...

Garden activity – May 4, 2016

Gardening starts. Planted a two foot by eight foot box with half Pak Choi and half Swiss Chard. Last Frost scheduled for June 7th however both those plants are cold lovers so unless it gets really cold they should be fine. Pak Choi with its short...

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