Welcome to Northwest Ontario!

Welcome to Northern Gardening and Foraging in Northwest Ontario, where the rugged wilderness meets a bountiful harvest! Are you looking to grow your garden in a challenging climate? Or are you interested in discovering the natural wonders of this untamed land? Look no further!

In this plant hardiness zone 2B to 3, gardening can be a unique and exciting challenge. But fear not! With our local knowledge and years of experience, we have cultivated a wealth of information to help you achieve a thriving garden in the heart of the great outdoors.

But gardening is just the beginning! Northwest Ontario is a treasure trove of edible and medicinal flora, not to mention an abundance of fish and wildlife. Our foraging equipment is top-notch, and we carry a range of environmentally friendly options to help you get the most out of your outdoor adventures.

Our commitment to sustainability is evident in everything we do, from our biodegradable dishes and utensils to our stainless steel straws. By working together, we can help protect this beautiful wilderness for generations.
Visit us at 21 Second Street in Nipigon and see the wonders that await you in Northwest Ontario. With our expertise and your passion, the possibilities are endless!

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Talking %^&* – Fertilizers

Talking %^&* - FertilizersPlants need three things, sun (light), water and Nutrients. Nutrients come naturally from organic matter and elements in the soil. Nutrients will become depleted over time and will need to be replenished in the soil. It is highly...

Starting Squash Transplants

Starting Squash TransplantsWith a month and a half before the last frost date, it's time to think about those squash transplants. I have taken to pre-sprouting my squash plants of all sorts and would highly recommend it to maximize your plants. Start by soaking a...

Starting and growing giant pumpkins

Starting and growing Giant PumpkinsAtlantic Giant Pumpkins were developed through selective harvesting for decades by Howard Dill in Windsor, Nova Scotia, my hometown. Since then, the seeds have been grown worldwide and are commonly produce 400-500 pound pumpkins....

Chitting your way to more potatoes

Getting more potatoes per plant Chitting your way to a bigger cropSeed potatoes, or just old potatoes that have sat for too long will grow new plants eventually. Each potato eye has the potential to form an entirely new plant. Most people will plant an entire seed...

Grow Bags Putting your garden in a bag.

Grow Bags Putting your garden in a bag. Grow bags are cloth bags typically made from thick, non-woven, pressed fabrics. In most cases, a thick (7+year) landscaping fabric is used. The non-woven fabric aspect allows for free air circulation around the roots allowing...

Northern Gardening

What grows here, special tips on gardening, square foot gardening and some of my experiments with gardening.


Wild edible and medicinal plants, berries and mushrooms grow in abundance, if you know what to look for.

Recipes and preserving

You've grown it, foraged it, now you need to preserve and prepare your bounty to extend through the winter months.


The myBackyard blog hosts numerous articles and resources for all subjects related to living here in Northwest Ontario

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