Well its August 10th or so, blueberries seem to be in full production now. Was out last week during the Blueberry Blast and picked 6-8 litres but this week – 8 litres of big juicy berries.

As you can see there are still lots of unripe blueberries so this week should be peak for blueberries in the area. A little late season compliments of the late spring and pretty much last 6 weeks of consistent cool weather and showers.

But as a result looks like the berries are plentiful an big.

So where do you get blueberries around Nipigon?

Anywhere you find rocky, clear mossy/scrubby areas. My personal area is east of town up the Camp 81 road – a few fresh and not so fresh logging roads with lots of open areas and lots of blueberries. Some of the roads are even good enough for cars with some caution.

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