Up here in NW Ontario we pick Blueberries this time of year.

This year it seems to be much more contentious than others as there is to be herbicide spraying in one of our local blueberry picking areas – or so we are lead to believe.

There is going to be herbicide spraying and its kinda stupid to have it being done anywhere Blueberries may be being picked. However I did put some research in and after a couple hours of digging for maps/info that the government, due to their own online policies, make it hard to find.


This is what I have found.

Spraying is done by helicopter, in well marked blocks, only with no wind and grounds people keeping others out of the area. The reason for the spraying is to kill off unwanted trees of a certain height so that the much prized Jack pine can grow in previously cut areas. This means that areas to be sprayed have an abundance of trees /overgrowth that are impeding the Jack pine. These are usually not areas easy or lucrative to blueberries as those same trees block out the blueberry plants.

I have made a quick guide on the maps supplied to the public for all to understand and see if spraying will be affecting your spot.

My spots are fine with the nearest spraying kilometers away.

Guide to understanding Forestry Management Maps


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