Yellow Beans Harvest

Yellow Beans Harvest

So, I planted a single 2 foot by 8 foot box of yellow bush beans on June 8th. Planted at 4 plants per square foot in an un-elevated garden box. Due to life, pretty much no maintenance occurred, weeds were allowed and did run rampant, once in a while id remember to...

May 21st, 22nd – Lots planted this weekend

Last frost date is June 7th officially, after some cold weather and even snow the last couple weeks the weather looks to have turned. So planting a little early – of course only more cold resistant crops. A full box (4′ x 8′) of beets for pickling, A...

Garden activity – May 4, 2016

Gardening starts. Planted a two foot by eight foot box with half Pak Choi and half Swiss Chard. Last Frost scheduled for June 7th however both those plants are cold lovers so unless it gets really cold they should be fine. Pak Choi with its short growing time of 30-40...

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