The Dirt on your soil – Classifying your soil

The Dirt on your soil – Classifying your soil

The Dirt on your soil – Classifying your soil The soil is not dirt, dirt you wash off. The soil is a rich amalgamation of decomposition. From chemical decomposition of rocks into sands, silts and clay, to organic decomposition of plant and animal material and most...
Heirloom seeds

Heirloom seeds

Heirloom Seeds Heirloom seeds quite simply are seeds that have been, over generations, bred to withstand the soil conditions, climate and local diseases and conditions and to maximise their yield under local conditions. Some other great features of heirlooms are they...

Excel -ing at garden planning

Excel as a garden planner? For those who utilize square foot gardening of any sort, excel can become an essential and easy tool to design, manage and track your garden. Square foot gardening is divided into equal squares, excel is a bunch of squares. Excel allows all...

Pie Pumpkins

Storing sugar/pie Pumpkins Sugar or Pie pumpkins are small sweet varieties of pumpkins meant specifically for eating and well, pies. These pumpkins will keep quite good for a few months in a dry cool place in your basement, however what if you want them ready to use?...

Gardening in Northwest Ontario

Most of NW Ontario is considered growing hardiness zone 2a or 1b meaning we don’t have a great growing season here, however it is possible to grow a number of vegetables throughout the area. For starters , the growing season is only between80 and 105 days around these...

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