Making a sourdough starter

Making a sourdough starter

Make a sourdough starter Sourdough is a living culture of natural yeasts and lactobacilli bacteria (Lactic Acid) found in flour. It is created by fermentation of wheat flour when mixed with water or unsweetened pineapple juice. Since it is a living thing, it needs to...

Basic Sourdough Bread

This sour dough uses the basic sour-dough starter recipe found here. Give yourself lots of time for the sour dough to raise properly (sometimes all day). My mixing is done in a stand mixer on low/knead speed. If kneading by hand just make sure the consistency is...

Honey Whole Wheat Bread

This is the standard bread I make for home use – I make 4-8 loaves per week for 5 people. I Worked out the cost at around 70 cents per loaf (locally) which is far better than the $2-$3 per loaf at the local stores. As a bonus I know what goes into it. I mix mine...

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