I have uploaded a page with my version of an excel garden planner. Excel works great for Square foot gardening design but I wanted some more functionality.

It is no available under the Northern Garden menu, or directly here.

Includes: 35 Minute video tutorial, PDF tutorial,  Actual .xls file (excel 2003)

Garden Plan overview:

Layout of garden (SFG methodology)

  • Automatically calculates square footage used, available
  • Automatically calculates square footage allotted per plant species
  • Automatically tells you how many plants you will need
  • Automatically calculates plant date, transplant date, approximate maturity date

Sandbox area

This area is your sandbox – where you can draw your garden.

Each square represents one square foot.

The excel counters and automated features will only count what’s within the confines of these borders.

It is 100 foot wide x 40 foot high (My current area) resizing the box can be done, but may break some functions of you do not adjust the calculations.

Garden Planner Webpage is located HERE>>

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