So, it seems like winter doesn’t want to end. Melting is fast and furious of course – light out till 9’ish now. But with a sudden burst of snowstorms every 4-6 days as well as overnight temperatures in the negative double digits it looks almost like it did a month ago.

Saturday April 20 the morning looked like this:

April 20 snowstorm

Main garden is now under about 6 feet of snow – well insulated :-).

Another 5-10 cm tonight – oh goodie.

Gardening must go on

Tomato transplantsAs the winds howled and snow fell, i transplanted my tomatoes into their individual pots on the weekend. They look healthy and are enjoying their added time under the lights. Peppers are still a week or two away from transplanting to individual cells. Squash and pumpkins planted a bit to early i think -they’ve emerged and are mostly growing strong. Ill transplant some of them soon into large containers as I am not sure when they will be able to go out and they root bound to easily for me.

Tomato emergence

 Tomatoes a couple weeks ago at emergence.

Now I just have to keep them all alive long enough to get outside. This time last year we were having 20 degree weather, were fishing from boats and planted my garden on May 15th. This year there’s still 2-3 feet of ice on the lakes, 1-6 feet of snow in my yard and the temperature is barely hitting freezing. Weather is a wonderful thing.



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