About Joe Pye Weed

Joe Pye weed is a hardy native plant to this region. It can survive even the harshest winters. It is not only an edible and medicinal plant, it is also a great plant for edging gardens and large enough to make any area private. Butterflies love visiting the pink flowers.

The entire plant is edible, with the flowers used for a tea, roots for for diuretics as well as kidney issues, inflammation and fever. Joe Pye weed is a sweat inducer and should be used with caution.

Primary use

Edible parts
Leaves, flowers and roots

Roots and flowers are diuretic
Roots and leaves steep in a tea for fever and inflammation



Red woody stem and one to two meters tall at maturity. Large clusters of pink flowers top the upper branch blooming from July into September.

Where to look

Along roadsides/disturbed areas, they enjoy sun  and a multitude of soil types. Driving bush roads where the roadsides are cut back regularly provide great habitat.

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