So you haven’t started your garden? Want to know what you can still plant?

Well for the next week or so you can plant pretty much any transplants. Most people are probably planting this weekend.

Seeds are a different story – just look at the days to maturity. Right now where I am I have a potential 79 days of growing left.

The following is a cut and paste from my spreadsheet which basically subtracts the maturity time from the first frost date and outputs the last possible date to plant seeds. As you can see very little is not plantable at this time. With transplants for the longer maturity plants widely available almost everything is still plantable.

 What to plant?

Per square Last day to
plant from seed
2 cp Pickling Cucumber 4-Jul
2 cs Slicing cucumber 4-Jul
8 ps Peas 9-Jul
1 tc Cherry Tomatoes 19-Jun
1 ts slicing tomatoes 19-Jun
1 tr Roma Tomatoes 19-Jun
9 t Turnips 9-Jul
4 r Rutabagas 9-Jun
0.5 ss Spaghetti  squash 10-May
0.5 sbc Buttercup squash 14-Jun
0.5 sbn Butternut squash 14-Jun
0.5 sh Hubbard squash 14-Jun
9 bb Bush beans 9-Jul
9 b Beets 29-Jun
4 c Corn 19-Jun
0.5 z Zuchini 29-Jun
9 k Kohlrobi 19-Jul
2 kl Kale 4-Jul
4 sc Swiss Chard 2-Aug
4 r Romaine 9-Jul
4 ll Leaf Lettuce 9-Jul
1 ca Cabbage 30-May
1 pe Peppers 30-May
16 car Carrots 9-Jun
1 co Collards 19-Jun
0.5 p Pumpkins 30-May
0.5 sp sugar pumpkins 30-May
0.3333 gp Giant Pumpkin 30-Apr

So go buy some wood, some soil, some cow manure, some peat moss and go planting. Plant a tomatoe plant or some lettuce, whatever you want to try. Whats the worst that can happen?

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