About Labrador Tea

Typically used as a tea, Labrador Tea is very potent and ingestion should be limited to two cups or less per day. It is rich in vitamin C and has a ton of medicinal uses. Remember – in moderation.

Tea is made from a couple teaspoons of leaves to four cups of water, bring to a boil. Discard water, leave the leaves. Add add 4 more cups of water and boil until it turns yellow, strain leaves.

When drinking dilute into equal parts water. (1/2 cup tea to 1/2 cup water).

Labrador tea is a member of the rosemary family of spices. As a result it can be used as a unique marinade for red meats and wild game.

Primary use
Medicinal Teas

Edible parts
Everything – leaves/tops and flowers

Respiratory conditions – colds, coughs, bronchitis. Anti-inflammatory.
Kidney disorders, detoxification.
Skin conditions, anti-septic


Easily identifiable by the shape and evergreen leaves. They grow around marshy or mossy areas and are almost always found around blueberry plants. The leaves tend to be smooth and green on top and white (young) to brown (old)  underneath with small white “hairs”. The edges of the leaves curl down as they age.

Where to look

Near Blueberry bushes. Mossy areas, edges of swamps, marshes.

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