Lettuce are a leafy staple to any garden and salad. From leaf lettuce to heads of lettuce to the ever popular romaine lettuce, the varieties are far and wide.

Fast growth and regrowth with little maintenance make them a great addition to any garden.

Leaf lettuce will regrow itself as its harvested and such can produce consistently.

Head / romaines can be harvested gradually however they tend to be grown and harvested as a unit.

Most lettuce do not like heat and will bolt to seed quickly in heat. They are better suited in shaded areas or covered somewhat to provide a cooler area.



Lettuce is best eaten fresh. Fortunately it can be grown in containers indoors during the colder months.

Days to Grow: 45 to 55

Spacing: 4 per square foot (leaf), 1 per square foot (head)

Effort: Minimal

Keep them cool and watered

Plant: At or just after Last Frost

Yield: good, continuous

Usually can withstand a light frost

Depends on the variety

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Information and resources for square foot gardening here in NW Ontario.

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An excel worksheet I developed to help plan and track my square foot gardening.


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The following are additional resources and information as well as basic information for growing this and many other garden plants here in NW Ontario.

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About Garden Planning

Laying out your garden and pre-planning what to plant is best accomplished over the winter months. It gives you escape from the north winds, allows for ordering of seeds and allows you to put some time and effort into laying out your garden.

Since I use the square foot gardening method, I have created a garden planner using Microsoft excel. It allows you layout your garden using the cells in excel, then based on what plants you choose it will calculate planting/harvest times, potential yields, how many seeds you will need and more.

The Garden planner is provided as is, I can and will answer questions on using it and I have made videos on using it. I am hoping to have a full updated version ready for 2019 planning season.

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