Seed ordering time!

Over the coming months its the prime time for planning, ordering and maybe even planting. The preparation leads up to our last frost day on or around June first when we can plant outside once more.
Many have already received our seed catalogues in the mail and have been diligently perusing the pages for the coming season’s plantings. Last season saw a surge in orders and shortages and early sell-outs of certain seed varieties. This year should be similar so it may be prudent to purchase your seeds, especially the more challenging to get seeds early so not to be scrambling in the spring.

Starting last year and continuing again this year, I will have select seed varieties for sale locally at the Nipigon River Bait and Tackle Shop for and the Nipigon Gazette office. A list of seeds available is at

Since many of you are now comfortable with online shopping, there are many options to purchase your seeds online. The websites also offer an abundance of information ideas and seed-specific information for you to research. Ordering seeds now for delivery next month will position you for a great head start to the growing season and ensure you have the seeds you want.

Local seed producers are usually the best choice; however, with only one local supplier, Superior seed (, this isn’t always possible.

The next best thing is a seed producer nearest your climate zone and even more importantly, ones that you or friends trust and use. I have used many seed producers, primarily Vesey’s seeds ( out of the east coast – mostly because that’s who I grew up using. Veseys are a large seed producer with a very long history.
Other ones I use or have used with no problems in the past include;
Annapolis Seeds – east coast again (
Stokes Seeds (
T&T Seeds ( (close to our growing climate)
West Coast Seeds (
Salt Spring Seeds (
Heritage Harvest Seeds (

Other choices for seed producers supplied by others;
(I have not used any of these)
William Dam Seeds (
Yonder Hill Farm (
Richters (



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