Last frost date is June 7th officially, after some cold weather and even snow the last couple weeks the weather looks to have turned. So planting a little early – of course only more cold resistant crops.

pea-trellisA full box (4′ x 8′) of beets for pickling, A 2’x8′ box of rutabagas and my sugar snap pea trellis have been planted. Sugar snap peas and snow peas make for great temporary hedges. Mine is along my fire pit and since peas grow so fast and up to 5-6 feet in height with a trellis to climb they make for a great “wall” for my fire pit area. And since peas are cold resistant they can be planted early.

Weather seems nice and decided to go ahead and plant some bush beans and corn which are not cold resistant but we will see what happens, just need the temps to stay above 5 for a few weeks.

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