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The State of Berries July 2019

Berry watch 2019 Looks like it may be Blueberry picking time. Early Saskatoons are ripe and there are definitely pick-able patches of Blueberries and late Saskatoons. Raspberries seem to be coming along.  Blueberry bushes with early Saskatoons (large purple) and later...

The state of berries – End of June 2019

Berry watch 2019 After a slow start, late spring, tons of snow, the berries of the boreal forest are progressing to ripeness. I visited my boreal garden to check on the status of all my berry plants and took some pictures along the way.  It looks like the berries in...

Simple Garden boxes

Simple Garden boxes   A garden box can be anything with sides and open on the bottom: tires, old canoes with holes, bathtubs, window boxes and of course the simple wood box. To start a single simple 2-foot by 2-foot box, you will need an eight-foot length of 2x6...
Yes it will grow here!

Yes it will grow here!

Yes, it likely will grow here! I moved here a little over a decade ago from Nova Scotia where the climate was substantially different than it is here. I moved to the middle of town and had a large, empty back yard. Immediately this blank slate of a yard intrigued me,...

Morels – springtime mushroom hunting

Morels – springtime mushroom hunting

Morels - springtime mushroom hunting Early spring is a time of regrowth, as forageable plants start to grow after their long slumber. Still months away from peak mushroom hunting, the humble morel mushroom likes to make its appearance in the early spring, just as...

So its before the first frost, what can I plant?

So its before the first frost, what can I plant?

So its before the first frost, what can I plant? The following are what they call hardy to semi-hardy plants I regularly plant in the garden here in Nipigon. They are cold weather friendly and can be planted directly into the garden as soon as the soils are workable...

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