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Sourdough Part two – Baking a simple bread

Sourdough - making a simple breadMaking sourdough bread is not for the impatient; it takes time and timing. Sourdough bread can take over twelve hours to rise and another hour to bake. The end product, however, is one of the healthiest loaves of bread you can eat.  ...

Plant of the Week – Hubbard Squash

Hubbard Squash Hubbard squash can get large, up to 50 pounds, have a delightful taste and an extremely tough outer skin making them ideal for winter storage.Hubbard squash will require a full growing season of 100 days. They will also require room to grow and spread...

Plant of the Week: Pollock Tomatoes

Pollock Tomatoes There is a type of tomato that has been developed for cool, short growing seasons. It is even considered frost resistance. Andy Pollock of Houston, BC developed a variety of tomato over decades in his mountain-based (100m) unheated greenhouse in the...
Making a sourdough starter

Making a sourdough starter

Make a sourdough starterSourdough is a living culture of natural yeasts and lactobacilli bacteria (Lactic Acid) found in flour. It is created by fermentation of wheat flour when mixed with water or unsweetened pineapple juice. Since it is a living thing, it needs to...

Making your own corned beef

Making your own corned beef

Make your own corned beef Upon moving here to Northwest Ontario, we tried a few different brands of corned beef, with none meeting our tastes of what we grew up with, in Nova Scotia. After a little research and finding some pink salt. I now carry pink curing salt at...

The State of Berries July 2019

The State of Berries July 2019

Berry watch 2019 Looks like it may be Blueberry picking time. Early Saskatoons are ripe and there are definitely pick-able patches of Blueberries and late Saskatoons. Raspberries seem to be coming along.  Blueberry bushes with early Saskatoons (large purple) and later...

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