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Sourdough Pancakes

So what do you do with your sourdough starter besides bread? How about sourdough pancakes or sourdough bagels? For pancake day – try some sourdough pancakes.

Plant of the week: Straight-eight Cucumbers

Straight-eight cucumbers are a small dual-purpose cucumber commonly grown throughout the region. These heirloom cucumber plants get their names from the continuous harvest of eight-inch straight cucumbers which make great slicing cucumbers. They also make an excellent pickling cucumber when picked earlier.

Sourdough Everything Bagels

This is a modified recipe which I have been experimenting with for a few weeks now. Utilizing the overnight first rise, as mentioned in a previous article allows for an easier and shorter day when making this bread as well.

Plant of the Week: Endeavor Squash Zucchini

Plant of the Week: Endeavor Squash Zucchini

One of the more popular types of plants in my garden is squash. Pumpkins, squash, and zucchini all belong to this plant group. Of all the varied types of squash out there they fall into two basic categories; summer squash and winter squash. Winter squash or squash which ripens later in the season and they are meant for storage into the cold fall/winter months. They will be showing up in the future Plant of the week articles.

Plant of the week: Beets

Plant of the week: Beets

​These hardy root vegetable offer a couple of great ways to be eaten — either harvesting the greens or as whole beets.
A single beet seed pod holds up to 10 individual seeds so they will require some thinning after they are an inch or so tall.
Harvest the greens from multiple beets leaving enough to grow the beet, and you can have greens all summer long and full-sized beets in the fall.

Plant of the week: Atlantic Giant Pumpkins

Plant of the week: Atlantic Giant Pumpkins

Another great import from the East Coast, other than myself, is the subject of this week’s Garden plant of the week. Atlantic Giant Pumpkins, a particular strain of pumpkin known for its size. Started in Windsor, Nova Scotia (My home town) by Howard Dill, the Atlantic Giant Pumpkin has become standard around the world at competitions and as an oddity at agricultural fairs. The current world record is 2624 pounds, we don’t expect something that size here, but a few hundred pounds should be possible.

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