Rice clumps, sticks, is hard…. well this quick tip allows you to make perfect rice every time. No guesswork, no mush.

As rice is stored, it rubs against each other and breaks up. This starchy powder if just cooked with the rice is one of the main reasons rice will clump. So rinsing the rise will minimize this however by rinsing you, the rice will actually absorb some of the water and people don’t account for the absorbed water when they cook the rice thereby making it soggy.

Get a plastic ruler , a pot and a lid big enough to cook your rice in. Now put your rice in the pot – doesn’t matter what kind.

With the plastic ruler measure the depth of the water from the bottom of the pot to the water surface.

Dump the water/rice into a strainer and rinse thoroughly. Washing away all that added starch.

Once thoroughly rinsed, put the rice back into the pot. Put the ruler back into the rice, then slowly fill with water until the water depth is equal to what it was pre-rinse. This will take into effect the volume of water absorbed by the rice during the rinsing period. I find that for every 3 cups of water, 1/4 cup is absorbed into the rice, yet I still measure. Be sure to incorporate any liquids (soy, teriyaki, etc..) into your liquid amount.

Place the pot on the stove on med-high heat. You can add chicken stock powder, or any dry seasoning at this point.

Just when the small bubble start to appear (a minute or so), reduce heat to low, cover and set time for 20 minutes. (or cook time for your rice). If using a new stove with two burner sizes – if you start at double burner, keep at double burner for low.

Do not peak or lift the cover during the 20 minutes. When the 20 minutes is done remove from heat, fluff with a fork and serve. Or refrigerate for fried rice later.

You an adjust the cooking time to your own preferences.

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