This is a simplified “when to plant” guide based on the garden planner I have located HERE!

Per square is the current square foot gardening spacing I use – More on Square foot Gardening in Raised beds HERE!

Transplants are planted indoors on the dates suggested, Last Frost Date for this area is June 7 which all other dates are calculated from.

Days after frost are the days after the last frost it is considered safe to plant that vegetable. (Transplants)

Done by is the approximate date to maturity.

Last plant date is the absolute under perfect conditions you could plant that and still get something from it maybe, possibly in a perfect world.

Table after the jump…

Per square Plant Name Transplant Plant By Days after frost plant Transplant on/by: Maturity (Days) Done by Last plant by date
2 Pickling Cucumber y 10-May 7 14-Jun 65 24-Jul 4-Jul
2 Slicing cucumber y 10-May 7 14-Jun 65 24-Jul 4-Jul
8 Peas 10-May 60 23-Jul 9-Jul
1 Cherry Tomatoes y 12-Apr 14 21-Jun 80 15-Jul 19-Jun
1 slicing tomatoes y 12-Apr 14 21-Jun 80 15-Jul 19-Jun
1 Roma Tomatoes y 12-Apr 14 21-Jun 80 15-Jul 19-Jun
9 Turnips 7-Jun 60 12-Aug 9-Jul
4 Rutabagas 24-May 90 6-Sep 9-Jun
0.5 Spaghetti  squash y 26-Apr 14 21-Jun 120 7-Sep 10-May
0.5 Buttercup squash y 17-May 14 21-Jun 85 25-Aug 14-Jun
0.5 Butternet squash y 10-May 14 21-Jun 85 18-Aug 14-Jun
0.5 Hobart squash y 3-May 14 21-Jun 85 11-Aug 14-Jun
9 Bush beans 31-May 60 11-Aug 9-Jul
9 Beets 7-Jun 70 1-Sep 29-Jun
4 Corn 7-Jun 80 7-Sep 19-Jun
0.5 Zuchini y 26-Apr 14 21-Jun 70 19-Jul 29-Jun
9 Kohlrobi 7-Jun 50 6-Aug 19-Jul
2 Kale 7-Jun 65 25-Aug 4-Jul
4 Swiss Chard 7-Jun 36 27-Jul 2-Aug
4 Romaine 7-Jun 60 16-Aug 9-Jul
4 Leaf Lettuce 7-Jun 60 20-Aug 9-Jul
1 Cabbage y 26-Apr 14 21-Jun 100 18-Aug 30-May
1 Peppers y 12-Apr 14 21-Jun 100 4-Aug 30-May
16 Carrots 7-Jun 90 23-Sep 9-Jun
1 Collards 7-Jun 80 9-Sep 19-Jun
0.5 Pumpkins y 10-May 14 21-Jun 100 28-Aug 30-May
0.5 sugar pumpkins y 10-May 14 21-Jun 100 28-Aug 30-May
0.3 Giant pumpkins 26-Apr 14 21-Jun 110 24-Aug 20-May

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