Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide Digital Package


This package includes a digital copy of the Land of Nipigon Adventure guide, as well as Avenza, activated Smartmaps from the guidebook. The Smartmaps provide real-time tracking and location using the GPS on your smartphone. Our Cell network is spotty and utilizing Avenza there is no need for a cell signal at all.  More information is available in the Description box below.

  1. Land of Nipigon Adventure Guide (PDF 48MB)
  2. Avenza – Nipigon Fishing Map (Avenza activated PDF 10MB)
  3. Avenza – Nipigon Area Travelers Map (Avenza Activated PDF (55MB)
  4. Avenza – Nipigon Area trails and Amenities (Avenza Activated PDF 10MB)
  5. Avenza – Kama Area Trails (Avenza Activated PDF 10MB)

Avenza files require the free app – Avenza Offline Maps available in any app store for either Android or Apple devices.




This Package includes a digital version of the Land of Nipigon Adventure guide as well as multiple Avenza Activated Maps to load into your smartphone for real-time tracking and location without any cell signal at all.

About Avenza Maps: Visit for more information


We now offer our printed maps in a digital format which can be loaded into an app on your smartphone and using the GPS feature (No cell connection necessary), will provide you with important features, roads and locations in the area.

From Hiking Trails to fishing locations, from camping to sightseeing.

Maps require Avenza Maps which is available for free from The Apple App Store or via Google Play for Android Devices. Maps are available for direct download here.

Once downloaded to your mobile device, you do not need cell signal for GPS Tracking.




Then Get the Maps!


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