Land of Nipigon Mushroom Guide


Updated September 2021

Added 4 new pages of descriptions and identification information.

About this Guide
This guide is only one step of many to safely and adequately identify wild edible mushrooms in Northwest Ontario. These mushrooms I have personally verified, located and tasted locally. It is also the accumulation of multiple sources of information, pictures, opinions and observations accumulated from many sources. You, as a mushroom picker, must use as many resources as possible to help you learn as much as possible about the identification, locations and preparation of the mushrooms you find. Use the included identification worksheets, take pictures and ask for help with identification.


Mushroom rules;
Never pick all the mushrooms in an area.
Never pick mushrooms that are noticeably bug-infested.
Place picked mushrooms in an open basket or mesh bag to help spread spores as you walk.
Leave older mushrooms for spore production.
Dispose of cuttings and discarded mushrooms in an environment similar
to where they were found.



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