Resources for Gardening and Foraging in Northwestern Ontario

Are you looking to expand your knowledge of foraging and gardening? Our website offers a wide range of resources, information, links, and tools to help you get started.

The resources, information, links and tools on this page are suggested resources for those interested in Foraging and Gardening. In many cases, they are books and tools I have used or come highly recommended by others.

Discover the many benefits of foraging and gardening, including access to fresh, healthy foods and a deeper connection to nature. Explore myBackyard today and take the first step towards becoming a successful forager and gardener.

Foraging guided trips and excursions

I provide guided excursions and exploration of areas for foraging activities. Will show methods of identification, scientific information and in the field knowledge of wild edible medicinal plants, berries, barks/trees and mushrooms from our area.



Tools and resources for Foraging

Avenza Offline Map

Turns your smartphone into a GPS – does not require cell signal or wifi to work. I make maps to use with it, search the avenza store for GH Services.

Colour ID App

This takes opinion, guessing and differences in eyesight out of the equation. Any Colour ID app will work, right now I am using Color Grab by LOOMATIX


The Built in Camera on your phone adds great value to the identification. Pictures of the habitat, top view, leaves, berries, flowers, side view as well as gills/stem of mushrooms and maybe even one of a mushroom cut in half.

Your Smartphone

Your smartphone has numerous apps available to help you in your foraging. Not only for identification but also for pictures, mapping, colour determination and more. There are identification apps available however I have tried many and find them lacking. The apps provided here are to assist in identification, you still need your brain to put all the information together.

Foraging Essentials

Foraging requires little more than a basket and a pair of good boots or shoes. In todays technological world however we can add a few great resources to our essentials list by only adding one piece of technology – our smartphone.

Good pair of sturdy boots/hikers or shoes.

A solid walled carrying container (basket, Tupperware, small cooler, etc…)

Dress for the weather and the season.

Bug spray if needed.

A Knife.


Mushroom Identification sheet

Wild Plant Identification sheet

Foraging books and reference materials

“Reading about nature is fine, but if a person walks in the woods and listens carefully, he [they] can learn more than what is in books.”

Read up but more importantly get out, bring your smartphone only as a tool, not a distraction. The wealth all around you is immense.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything gets done.”

Gardening books and reference materials

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