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 I have now started carrying some limited foraging, gardening as well as eco-friendly products at the Nipigon River Bait Tackle and Souvenir shop located at 21 Second street in Nipigon


This 20 page book, printed on letter sized paper, details some of the more popular berry picking information, advice as well as picking locations in The Nipigon area.  Although focused on Blueberries, the book contains information on other berries and general information that can be applied to all berries.



Purchase online now – $5

Detailing 18 local edible mushroom species across four different categories.



Purchase online now – $5

Blueberry Rake rentals – $5/day

Berry baskets – 3L cardboard for selling berries.

Re-useable mesh bags

Great for plastic free produce storage at the grocery store, foraging for plants and even mushrooms.

$18 (taxes included)


Vacuum sealer bag combo package

One 8″ wide by 50 foot roll
One 11″ wide by 50 foot roll


$35 (Taxes Included)

Mushroom/Foraging Knife

$15 (Taxes Included)


Re-usable stainless steel straws 

Package of six with cleaning brush


$6.50 (Taxes Included)

Mushroom Identification book


$30 (Taxes Included)


Re-usable K Cups


$3 each (Taxes Included)

Square Foot Gardening

Information and resources for square foot gardening here in NW Ontario.

Excel Garden Planner

An excel worksheet I developed to help plan and track my square foot gardening.


North Hardy Plants

Not all plants will grow here, but a lot will.


Garden Planning

North Hardy Plants

Tips and Tricks

Square Foot Gardening

Square Foot Gardening

Square foot gardening in raised beds allows for a relatively maintenance free garden. It also provides that extra growing time so essential here in NW Ontario. Square foot gardening is demonstrated throughout the gardening section as it is the way I grow my gardens.

Advantages to Square Foot Gardening

Less water

Less weeds

Heats up faster

Looser soils/less tilling

High productivity, small area

About Garden Planning

Laying out your garden and pre-planning what to plant is best accomplished over the winter months. It gives you escape from the north winds, allows for ordering of seeds and allows you to put some time and effort into laying out your garden.

Since I use the square foot gardening method, I have created a garden planner using Microsoft excel. It allows you layout your garden using the cells in excel, then based on what plants you choose it will calculate planting/harvest times, potential yields, how many seeds you will need and more.

The Garden planner is provided as is, I can and will answer questions on using it and I have made videos on using it. I am hoping to have a full updated version ready for 2019 planning season.

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