Spruce Tips


About Spruce Tips

Spruce tips are the new growth at the tips of the spruce tree boughs. Light green and tender with a small brown husk at the tip – its time for harvest.

Spruce tips are high in vitamin C, contain carotenoids and are rich in minerals like potassium and magnesium. Spruce needsles have long been used by indigenous peoples to relieve sore throats and coughs. 

Spruce tips are ready to pick in early to mid June when the bright green, still soft new growth on spruce tree boughs become very pronounced. They will sometimes have a small brown husk on the tip which is easily removed. Spruce tips will vary in harvest time by the individual tree. South facing branches will mature earlier, those on the North side will mature later. 

To harvest simply pick them like berries, they will readily separate from the woody branch.


Where to look

Spruce tree needles are attached directly to the branch, not in clusters like Pine needles. Spruce needles are pointed and easily roll between your fingers, fir tree needles are flatter, less pointy and will not roll between your fingers, because they are flat.

Spruce Branch

Pine Branch

Fir Branch

The Things you can do with Spruce tips

  • Eat em, right off the branch, instant nutrients and not bad tasting.
  • Mix them in salads, or smoothies
  • Make tea from the dried tips – for coughs and colds
  • Chop them up and add ton drinking water for nutrient rich healthy drink
  • Season your soups and stews
  • Use the needles in place of rosemary
  • Make Spruce tip Salt
  • Make Spruce tip Syrup

to many things to list.


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