Berry watch 2019

After a slow start, late spring, tons of snow, the berries of the boreal forest are progressing to ripeness.

I visited my boreal garden to check on the status of all my berry plants and took some pictures along the way. 

It looks like the berries in general are doing great so far, although the lack of rain as of late and potentially going forward may make for trouble as they ripen. 

Looks like the late frosts didn’t really affect the blueberries, the Saskatoon Berries are progressing great with lots of immature berries on the branches.

Strawberries are looking fine as well with good amounts of berries and flowers. Raspberries look healthy as do the pin cherry bushes.

The berries need rain as they ripen so hopefully the clouds will provide. Long term weather doesn’t show a lot of rain out 14 days, Mid to End July and into august will be the crunch time for rain for our berries though, so lets wait and see.


Blueberry bushes with lots of healthy green berries.

Saskatoon berries heavy in the trees, ripening away in the sunshine.

Wild strawberries coming along nicely

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