Updates March 31 2023


Lots of Tomatoes planted. Amish Paste tomatoes are coming up nicely, and have double-buried them in the fabric pots already.
Pollocks are peaking up. 
Planting some Latah’s, Scotians and maybe some cherries this week .

Peppers are poking themselves out with some needing a potting up soon. They really prefer their heating pads.

Broccoli and Brussel Sprouts are planted but haven’t emerged and a couple of different types of cabbage are just starting to emerge. They will be destined for a special garden bed with a bug cover to keep the cabbage worms off. 

Should be starting up in the greenhouse shortly. Daytime temps are hitting near 40 most days so I may need to turn on the exhaust fans.


Massive amounts of plant data and seed/germination and planting information are being added. The section devoted to Seeds and early planting is the primary focus right now.


Individual Planting information added or will be added shortly including:

Bush Beans
Snow Peas
Snap Peas
Amish Paste Tomatoes
Sweet bell peppers
Jade Cross Brussel Sprouts
Mashed Potato Squash
Baked Potato Squash
Pie Pumpkins
Early Latah Tomatoes
Scotian Tomatoes
Atlantic Giants
Burgess buttercup
Kabocha Squash
Guatemalan Blue Squash
Red October (Hubbard Squash)

Seeds and planting
Links and Resources

Recommended Products
(These are some of what I use)

These nursery bags
These Grow bags


mybackyard.ca Seeds Page
Get a Head Start on Spring: The Benefits of Starting Your Seeds Indoors
Saving Vegetable Seeds: A Comprehensive Guide to Gardening Success
myBackyard.ca Planting Guide
Pollock Tomatoes (North hardy Tomato variety)
Tomatoes (Useful information on starting tomatoes from seed)

DIY Garden Irrigation System: A Detailed Guide for Northwest Ontario

Blog Posts

When to start planting seeds
Germination testing your seeds
Looking for sources for seeds?
Heirloom seeds
Chitting your way to more potatoes
So it's before the first frost; what can I plant?


Individual seed and plant information is available in the  "Gardening Shortcut Links" above under "North Hardy Plants to grow". I have successfully grown all of these, and most I grow year to year.






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