Yes, it likely will grow here!

I moved here a little over a decade ago from Nova Scotia where the climate was substantially different than it is here. I moved to the middle of town and had a large, empty back yard. Immediately this blank slate of a yard intrigued me, but where to start, what will grow here? So I dug through my books, and online found my plant hardiness zone was 2a, wow, coming from a hardiness zone of 6, I was sure nothing would grow here. Rechecked and found it reclassified as a 3a, getting better, then after talking to some people I realized we here in Nipigon have a microclimate of 3b, that’s a little more to work with. Maybe one or two things will grow here.

I then spent about a decade trying to grow things, easy things, hard things, reshaping my entire yard to a sustainable food source. Most of my favourite vegetables can and do grow here. Most without any extreme modification to the growing techniques I used in Nova Scotia. Some plants like squash and zucchini love it here for some reason – maybe all that extra sunshine on those long days.

I compiled a lot of information through my websites, being the primary one for gardening and foraging.
If you want to grow it, I can assure you it will most likely grow here. From Giant Pumpkins to Parsnips, to carrots and Bok Choi which now grows like a weed every year, even though I only planted it once seven years ago.

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